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Drought Preparedness Council (DPC)

DPC was authorized and established by the 76th legislature (HB 2660) in 1999, subsequent to the establishment of the Drought Monitoring and Response Committee (75th legislature, SB 1). The chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management is the state drought manager. The state drought manager is responsible for managing and coordinating the drought response component of the state water plan.

Chair: Nim Kidd
Lynne Fahlquist
John Nielsen-Gammon
TDEM SME: John Honore
Oscar Fogale
Chuck Phinney
TDEM Clerk: Meghan De Amaral
Sam Marie Hermitte
David Pointon
Julie Andress
Alex Hinz
Larry Shine
Steven Bednarz
David Jackson
Nicole Sidoff
David Bradsby
Gilbert Jordan
David A. Van Dresar
Scott Breit
Dana Lazarus
David Villarreal
Mario Chapa
Clifford Lindell
Gordon Wells
Kenneth Coonrod
Thomas Michael Martine
Yujuin Yang