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Emergency Tracking Network (ETN)
Advisory Group

The Texas Emergency Tracking Network (ETN), formerly known as TxSNETS, is part of a comprehensive data-management system, providing real-time information pertaining to displaced citizens before, during and after a disaster. The Emergency Tracking Network Advisory Group was formed to help shape the future of the Network and gain input from its users.

Emergency Tracking Network (ETN) Resources

Meeting Minutes

The ETN Advisory Group is comprised of the following subcommittees and representatives:

Advisory Group Subcommittees:
Texas ETN Training Subcommittee
Communication/Adoption Subcommittee
Additional ETN Data Fields Subcommittee

Advisory Group Representatives:

The Texas Division of Emergency Management chairs the committee and receives technical support from the Texas WebEOC Interoperability Project (TWIRP), Radiant RFID and the University of Texas at Austin, Center for Space Research.

Texas ETN Advisory Group members have been designated for an initial term. If you are interested in participating in future terms, please send an email to TDEM PLANS.