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Seat Belt Laws

Commercial Motor Vehicle

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR)

Seat Belt (FMCSR 392-16)

A commercial motor vehicle which has a seat belt assembly installed at the driver’s seat shall not be driven unless the driver has properly restrained himself/herself with the seat belt assembly.

Seat Belt (Texas Transportation Code 545.412 and 545.413

Operates a passenger vehicle and is:

Age Height Front Seat Back Seat
Under 8 Years Under 4”9” Child Safety Seat / Booster Seat Child Safety Seat / Booster Seat
Under 8 Years Over 4’9” Seat Belt Seat Belt
Over 8 Years or older Not Applicable Seat Belt Seal Belt

"Passenger vehicle" means a passenger car, light truck, sport utility vehicle, truck, or truck tractor.

*Remember, always read the manufactures instructions for the proper use of a child restraint device.