Permits for Over-Size or Overweight Vehicles

Table of Contents
Section Part
General Provisions
General Permits
Permit for Excess Axle or Gross Weight
(TRC 623.011)
Additional Fee for Operation of Vehicle
under Permit
(TRC 623.0111)
Transfer of Permit
(TRC 623.014)
Liability for Damage
(TRC 623.015)
County Permit
(TRC 623.018)
Violations of Subchapter: Offenses
(TRC 623.019)
Contracts For Crossing Roads
Contract allowing Oversize or Overweight
Vehicle to Cross Road; Surety Bond
(TRC 623.051)
Contract Allowing Overweight Vehicle with
Commodities or Products to Cross Highway;
Surety Bond
(TRC 623.052)
Heavy Equipment
Permit to Move Certain Heavy Equipment
(TRC 623.071)
Designated Route in Municipality
(TRC 623.072)