Special Provisions And Exceptions for Oversize
or Overweight Vehicles

Table of Contents
Section Part
General Provisions  
Vehicles Transporting Ready-Mixed Concrete  
Definition: Designation as Perishable (TRC 622.011)
Axle-Load Restrictions (TRC 622.012)
Surety Bond (TRC 622.013)
Local Regulation (TRC 622.014)
Local Surety Bond (TRC 622.015)
Interstate and Defense Highways (TRC 622.016)
Penalties (TRC 622.017)
Vehicles Transporting Milk  
Length and Axle-Load Restrictions (TRC 622.031)
Interstate and Defense Highways (TRC 622.032)
Penalties (TRC 622.033)
Vehicles Transporting Timber Or Timber Products  
Conformity with General Provisions Relating to
Vehicle Size and Weight
(TRC 622.043)
Vehicles Transporting Raw Wood Products (TRC 622.0435)
Vehicles Transporting Electric Power Transmission Poles  
Conformity with General Provisions Relating to Vehicle Size and Weight (TRC 622.052)
Vehicles Transporting Poles Or Pipe  
Conformity with General Provisions relating to Vehicle Size and Weight (TRC 622.963)
Vehicles Transporting Solid Waste  
Definition (TRC 623.161)
Axle-Load Restrictions (TRC 623.162)
Surety Bond (TRC 623.163)
Interstate and Defense Highways (TRC 623.164)
Penalties (TRC 623.165)
Certain Vehicles Transporting Recyclable Materials  
Definition (TRC 622.131)
Applicability of Subchapter (TRC 622.132)
Axle-Load Restrictions (TRC 622.133)
Surety Bond (TRC 622.134)
Interstate and Defense Highways (TRC 622.135)
Penalties (TRC 623.165)
Miscellaneous Weight Exceptions  
Fire Department Vehicle (TRC 622.952)
Vehicles Transporting Seed Cotton Modules (TRC 622.953)