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This registrant information was last updated: 10/3/2015 10:10:24 PM

Notice to practitioners licensed by the Texas Medical Board (TMB) under Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 156:
Effective March 3, 2015, DPS will finalize implementation of House Bill 1803 by completing a synchronization of any remaining MD/DO’s controlled substances registrations (CSR) with their Texas Medical Board (TMB) license expiration date.

Practitioners synchronized February 2015 will receive an updated certificate by mail no later than April 1, 2015. To confirm your new expiration date, please visit CSR Search & Verification System.

All future renewals must be completed through normal business processes, including payment of the $50 renewal fee.

MDs and DOs (only) may complete their Controlled Substances Registration (CSR) at the same time as their biennial license through the Texas Medical Board (TMB) online system.

The CSR expiration date will match the TMB expiration date, making the CSR valid for two years. If the renewal is submitted after the CSR expiration date, a $50 late fee will be applied and the registration will not be renewed until received.

A physician may still choose to renew their Controlled Substances Registration directly with DPS.

Please continue to visit this webpage and the TMB website for updates and additional information. If you need assistance, please visit Contact Us, select Controlled Substances Registration and complete the online form.

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Welcome to the Controlled Substances Registration Search and Verification System. The registrant information provided through the search and verification system is maintained by DPS and updated nightly. This public search is open to the general public for retrieving controlled substance registrant information.

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The following REGISTRANTS are NOT displayed

Manufacturer, Researcher, Teaching Institution, Distributor, and Analyst/Analytical Lab.
Should you need information concerning one of these Business Activities, call 512-424-7293.

Registrants not located on the file may be verified by writing to this office.  Send inquiries and a self addressed return envelope to:

Controlled Substances Registration
Texas Department of Public Safety
Box 4087, MSC 0438
Austin, Texas  78773-0001

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