Remotely Hosted Criminal Incident Based Records

Many local Texas Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) do not have the resources required, neither financial nor technical, to establish and maintain a records management system to store incident and related data generated within its jurisdiction.  The Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) Remotely Hosted Criminal Incident Records Management System (RRMS) Project is intended to provide a remotely hosted records management system (RMS), jail management system (JMS) and/or computer aided dispatch (CAD) local LEAs can access as  services (coupled or stand alone) provided by the successful vendor(s).  The RRMS will provide the local LEAs with a virtual database that they will be able to remotely access on a 24x7 basis in a manner that is consistent with the security requirements articulated in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy.

The capture of additional data elements needed to map to N-DEx IEPDs associated with Missing Persons Reports and Suspicious Activity Reports will be considered as value added for the RRMS.  The RRMS Project encompasses the implementation of a new service that will provide a remotely hosted database service for local LEAs to enter, query and export incident and related data.

The primary objectives of RRMS are receipt, storage, and sharing of essential criminal information related to incident data generated by the participating local LEAs.  Incident data is defined as all of the events that are associated with a law enforcement incident cycle.

The goal of RRMS is to improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice community by providing for the timely exchange of documented and reliable information through use of a system that affords the tools necessary to efficiently collect, evaluate, organize, analyze, and disseminate incident and related data.

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