Texas Rangers Cold Case Investigation Details


Monica Carrasco
Company: E   Reference Number: 68 - Unsolved
Race: H
Sex: Female
City: Balmorhea
County: Reeves
Related Year: 2003

Details: During the early morning hours of October 02, 2003, Monica Carrasco (16 years of age) was discovered missing from the rural home of her aunt and uncle.  The residence was located at 3170 (Reeves) County Road 323.  A search of her room revealed Monica had either left or been taken from the room wearing only a beige nightgown.  Her Bible was also missing from her room.  Extensive search efforts have failed to reveal her whereabouts.  No contact has been received by family members or friends of Monica since her disappearance. 

Anyone with information is asked to submit a tip thru the Texas Rangers’ Cold Case website
or contact us at the Missing Persons hotline: 1-800-346-3243 .