Non-Satellite Based Computing Device Instructions

This document describes the process and paperwork required by DPS to connect an agency behind an interface located at another agency to the DPS TLETS system. The agency with the interface is considered the “hosting” agency. The agency being connected to this interface is considered the “hosted” agency. Both the hosting and hosted agencies have responsibilities and both agencies are required to be fully compliant with the applicable policies as defined in both the CJIS Security Policy and the NCIC Operating Manual.

In some cases a vendor is involved in the process. FBI Security Addendums are required between each agency and the vendor.  If an agency has signed a contract with a vendor, a Security Addendum is required. If the contract is between two governmental agencies, then a Security Addendum is not required.

This process should also be supported with a Memorandum of Understanding between the two agencies describing the relationship for using the interface to DPS. It should describe the responsibilities of each agency.

The process with DPS is as follows:

  1. Hosted agency completes and signs the attached Non-Satellite Based Computing Device Agreement (The Agreement) and forwards it to this office (CJIS security Office). Our fax number is (512) 424-2362.  
  2. CJIS Security Office conducts a CJIS Security Policy Pre-Audit with the hosted agency.
  3. Upon completing the pre-audit, DPS approves The Agreement and sends a copy to both the hosting and hosted agencies.
  4. CJIS Security Office notifies the TLETS Order Center the hosted agency is approved to receive TLETS via the hosting agency's connection, requests the hosted agency's user IDs listing from TLETS Order Center or TCIC Training and forwards them to the hosted agency to ensure all operators are assigned an Omnixx user ID.
  5. The TLETS Order Center will then contact both the hosted and hosting agencies to enable the hosted agency's TLETS connection.
  6. The TLETS Order Center updates the TCR and distributes it to all interested parties.
  7. The CJIS Security Office audits the hosted agency 60 to 90 days after their connection is enabled.

Non-Satellite Based Computing Device Agreement (DOC)