Fingerprint Process for Security Addendums

IT vendors and contractors performing work at Law Enforcement agencies under a signed Security Addendum or MCA with physical or logical access to CJI data are required to have a national fingerprint background check performed. Individuals requiring a background check for signed Security Addendums or Management Control Agreements will need the contracting Law Enforcement agencyís ORI information prior to setting a fingerprint appointment. Law Enforcement agencies are encouraged to contact TX DPS to confirm an individualís cleared fingerprint existence on newly signed CJIS Security Addendums prior to individuals scheduling a fingerprint appointment. If an IT contracted personís cleared fingerprint is currently on file from prior contracts a new print is not necessary.

The fingerprint result will be sent to the submitting Law Enforcement agency via the Terminal Agency Coordinator’s (TAC) e-mail address on file with TX DPS. Please ensure the TAC’s contact information is current with TX DPS so you may receive the result in a timely manner. Results will not be given to individuals submitting prints and will only be given to the submitting Law Enforcement agency. There is currently no charge to a Law Enforcement Agency for IT related fingerprints for Security Addendums and Management Control Agreement personnel using the Security Review FAST Pass form. For personnel that cannot locate an electronic fingerprint processing location, an alternative method is to submit the paper card and follow the instructions under Outside of Texas Fingerprint Submission Form.

TAC’s may contact TCIC Training / (512) 424-2832 or TCIC Audit / (512) 424-2809  to validate their email and contact information on file.

Please visit the Crime Records Service website for other general information regarding FAST fingerprinting services.