Recognized Emissions Repair Facility Qualifications

How to become a Recognized Emission Repair Facility:

  1. Meet the personnel and equipment requirements defined in the qualifications section below.
  2. Complete the Recognized Emission Repair Facility Application
  3. Return the completed and signed application, along with copies of your repair technician’s ASE A1, A6, A8, & L1 certifications to:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Vehicle Inspection Program
Attn: RERF Program
P.O. Box 4087 MSC 0543
Austin, Texas 78773-0543

Fax: (512) 424-2774

An audit of your repair facility will be performed by a DPS Representative in your area to verify that the repair equipment and repair technician requirements are met before your facility is accepted in the RERF program.

Technicians association with your facility may be added or removed by completing and submitting form VIE-3.

Facilities in the RERF program will receive a sign, a certificate and are included in the online repair facility locator.

RERF’s are required to submit repair forms VIE-22: to DPS on a monthly basis.

Recognized Emission Repair Facilities may elect to participate in their counties Low Income Repair Assistance Program.

Facility Qualifications

To qualify as a Recognized Emissions Repair Facility of Texas, the facility must:

  1. employ at least one full-time Recognized Emissions Repair Technician of Texas; and
  2. possess equipment to perform the functionality of the following items:
    1. ammeter
    2. compression tester
    3. cooling system tester
    4. dwell meter
    5. engine analyzer
    6. fuel pressure/pressure drop tester
    7. ohmmeter
    8. repair reference information
    9. scan tool or OBDII capable testing equipment
    10. tachometer
    11. timing light
    12. vacuum/pressure gauge
    13. vacuum pump
    14. volt meter
    15. For stations in the DFW and Houston/Galveston areas: five gas exhaust analyzer which can perform diagnostic repair for at least hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and oxides of nitrogen (NOX)
    16. For stations in the Austin and El Paso areas: four gas exhaust analyzer which can perform diagnostic repair for at least hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2);

Participation in the AirCheckTexas Drive A Clean Machine Program
Applicants seeking repair assistance from the Drive a Clean Machine program/LIRAP must get a voucher PRIOR to having repairs performed.  To ensure fast and proper payment for emission related repairs, you may verify the repair assistance voucher by calling the Drive A Clean Machine Hotline at: 1-800-913-3321.

FORM VIE-7: The VIE-7 must be completed for a customer to receive a re-inspection or for participation in repair assistance programs. A customer should have a form VIE-7 if they failed the emission inspection.  If they do not bring a VIE-7, you can print one and fill it out completely.