Reporting Guidelines

Information Provided by Seller

Seller’s responsibility:
A person attempting to sell regulated metal to a Metals Recycling Entity (MRE) is required to display personal ID, provide a description and license plate number of the vehicle used to transport the regulated material, and either:

Information Provided by MRE

MRE's Responsibility:
The MRE is required to visually verify and photocopy the seller's ID for record-keeping purposes. Additionally, the MRE is allowed to take a picture of the seller and the vehicle used to transport the material, a photo of which could be accepted in lieu of the description and license plate number, if the license plate number is clearly identifiable in the photo. The MRE would not be required to make a copy of the ID, if the seller:

MRE Required Signage:
An MRE is required to provide a notice in two-inch lettering, warning a person who wishes to sell regulated metal that written proof of ownership is required by state law.

MRE Purchase Reports:
DPS maintains an electronic database that contains transactional Metals purchasing data. All MREs must submit transactions to DPS showing an itemized list of each metals purchase within two (2) days of the purchase date. According to  Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1956, MREs shall submit this data to DPS electronically. The purchase transaction data is kept in the DPS Texas Online Metals database, so law enforcement has access to current and historical transaction information. DPS works closely with law enforcement throughout Texas, assisting them with access to and navigating the reports.

Reporting Options:

Use an online report form:
Texas Online Metals offers Returning Users an online reporting form for MREs to electronically enter metal recycling purchase transactions and submit them directly to DPS.