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Commissioned Online Prescription System (COPS)

Commissioned Online Prescription System (COPS) is a secured, online system dedicated solely for law enforcement oversight of their prescription investigations. The portal will continue to provide law enforcement officials an effective tool for investigating and preventing drug diversion and will assist with identifying potential prescription drug abuse, patients who are doctor shopping or forging prescriptions, and physicians who are illicitly prescribing drugs.

Direct access to prescription information is restricted to DPS personnel. However, law enforcement and prosecutorial officials may continue to make requests on line through the COPS portal. Requests for prescription information will need to meet the criteria described in the Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 481.076. The investigative synopsis remains the single most important factor for DPS to consider when reviewing a request.

Effective September 1, 2019, law enforcement requests for prescription data should be directed to the Board of Pharmacy. As a result of the recent passage of HB 3284, DPS will no longer be authorized to access or disseminate prescription data on behalf of law enforcement agencies.