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Public Safety Communications Service

The Public Safety Communications Service is comprised of four sections:

There are 27 Communications facilities located throughout the state, approximately 173 Communications Operators, 29 Communications Supervisors and 7 Communications Area Managers.

Field Support
The Field Support Unit operates a fleet of mobile communications trailers that includes a 53’ trailer, two 40’ mobile communications trailers, one 30’ mobile communications trailer, an ECV (Emergency Communications Van) and a portable generator trailer. There are nine other support trailers that are utilized as auxiliary support trailers and Field Support Units (FSU’s). The Communications Service has developed a specialized unit to deploy this fleet of vehicles and work in emergency, disaster or special event type operations. This unit is called the Communications Emergency Operations Team (CEOT).

Special Projects
The PSCS is involved in a wide variety of projects in support of the Law Enforcement Support Division. The Special Projects section coordinates, provides project management and implementation where needed, in support of projects like MOTOBRIDGE, the Agencies’ wireless cellular services, technology testing, and maintaining agency records for tower leases and Site Use Agreements.

Wireless Communications
DPS utilizes a VHF Land Mobile Radio system, as well as cooperative agreements with several Regional Radio Systems. Wireless Communications consists of one radio shop located in Austin and coordinates with 7 field offices.