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Due to the anticipated inclement weather,
all DPS offices in the Austin area closed today.
We will be open regular business hours Monday December 11th.

                 Sunset Announcement

TxDPS Forms

Forms List

Driver License Forms List

 Form Title  Form  Number
Texas Residency Affidavit DL-5.pdf
Texas Residency Affidavit (Spanish) DL-5s.pdf
Driver Handbook DL-7.pdf
Commercial Driver Handbook DL-7C.pdf
Commercial Driver Handbook - Spanish DL-7CS.pdf
Driver Handbook - Spanish DL-7S.pdf
Motorcycle Operator's Manual DL-8.pdf
Motorcycle Operator's Manual-Spanish DL-8S.pdf
Limited Term Brochure DL-12.pdf
DL Application DL-14A.pdf
DL Application (Spanish) DL-14As.pdf
Application for Texas Election Identification Certificate DL-14C.pdf
Application for Texas Election Identification Certificate (Spanish) DL-14CS.pdf
What to Bring with You When Applying DL-15
Out Of State - Country Application DL-16.pdf
Out of State Packet DL-16P.pdf
Acceptable Identification Documents DL-17.pdf
Acceptable Identification Documents (Spanish) DL-17s.pdf
ITD Card DL-33.pdf
Notice of Cancellation DL-42.pdf
Application for Renewal/Replacement/Change of a Texas Driver License or Identification Card DL-43.pdf
General Information Document and Fee Processing DL-48.pdf
Documents Requirements Brochure DL-57.pdf
Documents Requirements Brochure - Spanish DL-57S.pdf
How to Prepare for a Driving Test DL-60.pdf
How To Prepare For A Commercial Driving Test DL-60A.pdf
How To Complete Lawful Presence Verification DL-62.pdf
How To Complete Lawful Presence Verification - Spanish DL-62S.pdf
Explanation for Eye Specialist DL-63.pdf
Application for Change of Address Certificate DL-64.pdf
Services Provided by Other Agencies DL-66.pdf
Services Provided by Other Agencies (Spanish) DL-66S.pdf
Examination Request DL-76.pdf
Application for Texas Hardship Driver License DL-77.pdf
CDL Notice for all CDL Applicants DL-95.pdf
Physician's Statement DL-101.pdf
Driver Responsibility Program Pamphlet DL-103.pdf
Withdrawal/Restoration of Authorization for Minor's License DL-163.pdf
Voluntary Surrender of License / ID Card DL-174.pdf