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Strength and Honor in Everyday Lawful Decisions

SHIELD is an 8 hour course that addresses the realities of the law enforcement profession. This dynamic course covers topics that are relevant to officers both on and off duty. Police work requires living in a constant state of vigilance and exposure to the worst parts of society on a regular basis. This course helps you to understand you. Strategies for improvement of physical and mental performance are addressed throughout the course.

SHIELD can be modified to meet the needs of organizations and conferences based off of time available. Family members and non-commissioned employees that work in the law enforcement community will also find this course beneficial.

Series 1: The Stress Response System - Utilizing the latest scientific research, this series gives officers an understanding of their own nervous system and strategies to take control of it. The goal of Series 1 is to break down physiology in a dynamic an interactive format to improve human performance.

Series 2: Mindset - The way we interact with the world is based on our mindset. Our values, purpose, code, and acceptance of hardships all drive the way we view life. This series covers strategies to improve mental readiness.

Series 3: Performance under Pressure and Lethal Engagement - The realities of policing can be harsh. From a preventive approach, this series covers the impact of chronic exposure trauma and the impact of lethal engagement.

Series 4: Recharge - The only way to be optimal while on duty is to properly recharge while off duty. This series covers concepts of flow, positive psychology, and the latest research on sleep and performance.

Series 5: Family Resilience Tactics - You give everything you have to the profession. Often, there is very little left for your family. It is well known that if your home life is not stable, it will be reflected in your work life. This series addresses tactics to improve communication and reconnect with loved ones that watch you leave and pray for your safe return.


Melvin Allick

Melvin Allick - Melvin Allick II is currently a Lieutenant serving with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Highway Patrol Recruiting Service. Prior to joining his agency in 2008 he served as a Marine Corps Reserve Infantryman, an Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) and an elementary school teacher. He is currently stationed in Austin, TX. Melvin graduated with his Master of Public Affairs Degree from the LBJ College of the University of Texas in June 2017.

Lacy Wolff

Lacy Wolff - Lacy Wolff is a Training Specialist working for the Texas Department of Public Safety. She is also an active member of the FBINAA Officer Safety and Wellness Committee. After completing her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University, Lacy spent over 12 years supporting the US Army overseas in both Italy and Germany. During that time, she earned her Master's degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and learned from leaders in the field of psychophysiological (mind-body) resilience, sleep, and human performance optimization. Lacy is a certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sport Medicine, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through The National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Licensed HeartMath Instructor, and a 200-hour certified yoga instructor.

Lacy returned to her home state of Texas in 2014 to train State Troopers within the DPS Academy. She teaches from a holistic wellness model, linking all aspects of health to include: mental, physical, social, tactical, and spiritual. Lacy is honored to have co-developed and co-instruct S.H.I.E.L.D. with Sgt. Melvin Allick and believes this course may be a catalyst for changing the face of policing in the United States and beyond.

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