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DPS Fitness Institute


The Texas Department of Public Safety Fitness Wellness Unit is focused on changing lives and the prevention of heart and obesity related disease through training and education. This award-winning unit is using a holistic approach to educate Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Personnel through providing physical fitness, nutrition, resilience training and sleep presentations as well as various workouts.

In addition to providing Fitness and Wellness support to the agency, the unit also provides an extensive six-week course call the Fitness Institute. This academically rigorous course prepares individuals in becoming certified personal trainers as well as DPS Physical Fitness and Readiness Testing Instructors. This course is designed to prepare future instructors with information in the following topics: Program Development; Basic Anatomy and Physiology; Exercise Leadership and Instruction skills; Strength, Cardiovascular, and Flexibility training principles; Physical Fitness Assessment Protocols; Nutrition Science; and Resiliency Training.

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Congratulations to the 2018 Class.
2018 Fitness Institute - Cohort 5