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Address Confidentiality Program

Texas has a program designed to help victims of family violence, sexual assault and stalking keep their residential address confidential. The Address Confidentiality Program, administered by the Attorney General of Texas, provides a substitute post office box address and free mail forwarding service for participants.

This substitute address can be used as the participant's:

  1. Address on their driver license
  2. Voter and school registrations
  3. Most court and government documents

Applicants must meet with a local domestic violence shelter, sexual assault center, or law enforcement or prosecution staff member to discuss a safety plan and learn more about the enrollment process. After the application is approved, the participant will receive an authorization card with a substitute post office box address.

For more information about the Texas Address Confidentiality Program, please contact:

Mailing Address:

Office of the Attorney General
Address Confidentiality Program, MC-069
P.O. Box 12199
Austin, TX 78711-2199

Phone Number:

(512) 936-1750 (local) or (888) 832-2322


Change Address on Driver License

Participants of the Address Confidentiality Program who want to change the address on their driver license:

  1. Must apply in person at any driver license office
  2. Present their ACP authorization card
  3. Complete the Change of Address application
  4. Pay the required fee