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Non-Domicile Commercial Driver License (CDL)

Individuals with a valid Social Security Number may be eligible for a Non-Domicile CDL.

To apply, an individual must:

  1. Meet all CDL requirements
  2. Be a resident of a country whose licensing standards do not meet the US testing and licensing standards. (Customers whose domicile is in Canada or Mexico are not eligible.)
  3. Present the following documents at the driver license office:
    1. A Social Security Card issued to the applicant,
    2. A valid passport issued to the individual by the country of which the individual is a resident,
    3. Form I-94 Arrival/Departure record or a successor document, or
    4. Unexpired employment authorization document; and
    5. Acceptable proof of Texas residency
  4. Pay the required $121 fee

NOTE: A non-domicile is not eligible for a hazardous material endorsement.

Residents of Mexico and Canada

Individuals who hold a valid CDL from Mexico or Canada have reciprocity with the U.S. and may use that license to operate a commercial motor vehicle in Texas. Since Mexico and Canada are countries whose licensing standards meet the US testing and licensing standards, they do not qualify for a non-domicile CDL.