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Drivers Age 79 or Older

In addition to the regular driver license renewal requirements, individuals 79 years of age or older must meet extra requirements to renew their license.


The following requirements only apply to driver licenses and commercial driver licenses. (Motorcycle fees do not change.)

Renewal Requirements
Age Group Special Instructions Expiration Renewal Fee
79 – 84 Must always renew in person 6 Years Regular fee
85 or older Must always renew in person On the individual’s second birthday after the previous expiration date. Reduced fee for driver license or CDL only

Driving and Vision Tests

Customer Service Representatives (CSR) must conduct a basic medical evaluation on everyone who applies for a driver license. Individuals will only have to take a driving test if after being evaluated it is determined they may not be able to safely operate a vehicle. Read more about the medical evaluation process.

Individuals 79 years of age or older must visit the driver license office in person to renew driver license or identification card and will be required to take a vision test.

Statutory Authority

Laws that govern these rules for drivers 79 years of age and older: Texas Transportation Code, Sections 521.274 and 521.2711.