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Online Services

Before visiting a driver license office and standing in line, check our online options below. DPS offers these online services to make things faster and easier for you.

Services Provided by Other Agencies

License Plate and Registration

Texas License Plate and Registration:
Contact local County Tax Assessor-Collector's office. Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
(888) 368-4689

ADA Placard

ADA Placard:
Contact local County Tax Assessor - Collector's office.

Texas DPS Tickets

Texas DPS Tickets:
Texas Highway Patrol Citation
All Other Tickets: Local County Clerk's Office where the ticket was issued.
Texas Failure to Appear
                                (800) 686-0570

Birth Certificate, Marriage or Divorce Records

Birth Certificate, Marriage or Divorce Records:
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate: Local County Clerk's Office where the license was obtained.
Divorce Records: District Clerk's Office where the divorce                                 decree was filed.

Suspension, Surcharge or Reinstatement Fee

Suspension, Surcharge or Reinstatement Fee:
(512) 424-2600
(800) 688-6882
Reinstatement Fee
(512) 424-2600

Driver Record

Driver Record:
Driver Record
(512) 424-2600

Voter Registration Card

Voter Registration Card:
Voter Registration
(800) 252-8683

Social Security Card

Social Security Card:
Social Security Administration
(800) 772-1213

Passport Card

Passport Card:
(877) 487-2778

Our Partners

The following companies provide official online services for DPS. You may be redirected to one of these sites depending on which service you select above.

NOTE: These are the only official DPS partner sites. Other websites that are not affiliated with DPS may offer these services for a higher cost.