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The Texas Division of Emergency Management, Operations Section, manages and staffs the State Operations Center (SOC), located at DPS Headquarters in Austin. The SOC serves as the state warning point and primary state direction and control facility. It operates 24/7 to monitor threats, make notification of threats and provide information on emergency incidents to local, state, and federal officials, and coordinate state emergency assistance to local governments that have experienced an emergency situation that local response resources are inadequate to deal with. During major emergencies, the State Operations Center Management Team, state agencies and volunteer groups that make up the state Emergency Management Council and Federal liaison teams convene at the SOC to identify, mobilize, and deploy state and volunteer group resources to respond to the emergency.

The Operations Section also oversees the Field Response Section and implements the Amber Alert Program for missing children, the Silver Alert Program for missing senior citizens, and the Blue Alert Program for individuals who have harmed law enforcement officers.