AMBER Alert Criteria

A requesting law enforcement agency must meet all the below criteria in order to activate the State AMBER Alert Network:

    1. Is this child 17 years of age or younger, whose whereabouts are unknown, and whose disappearance law enforcement has determined to be unwilling which poses a credible threat to the child’s safety and health; and (i) if abducted by a parent or legal guardian, was the abduction in the course of an attempted murder or murder? OR
    2. Is this child 13 years of age or younger, who was taken (willingly or unwillingly) without permission from the care and custody of a parent or legal guardian by:
      1. someone unrelated and more than three years older,
      2. another parent or legal guardian who attempted or committed murder at the time of the abduction?
  2. Is this child in immediate danger of sexual assault, death or serious bodily injury?
  3. Has a preliminary investigation verified the abduction and eliminated alternative explanations for the child’s disappearance?
  4. Is sufficient information available to disseminate to the public to help locate the child, a suspect, or the vehicle used in the abduction?