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Domestic Marijuana Eradication (DME)

The mission of the Domestic Marijuana Eradication (DME) Program is to coordinate and support all law enforcement efforts in the state of Texas related to the eradication of domestically grown marijuana. The DME program also provides training and equipment to Texas law enforcement officers to maximize their efforts related to domestic marijuana eradication. The DME program has operated in Texas since 1987, targeting both cultivated and wild plants, with increasing recent emphasis on the detection and interdiction of indoor growing operations.

The Criminal Investigations Division works closely with the Texas National Guard, the DEA Air Wing, and DPS Aircraft, who support ground efforts by providing aerial reconnaissance. Although local law enforcement agencies often provide information about possible marijuana grow sites, some plots are located by helicopter, while others are uncovered through analytical and investigative efforts. The DME program also works in conjunction with the DEA Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program (DCE/SP). This alliance allows the enhancement of shared intelligence, technology, and manpower.

Investigators can also receive information about indoor and outdoor grow operations from concerned members of the public. Individuals with information about marijuana cultivation are encouraged to contact the Texas Marijuana Hotline to report such activities. The Texas Department of Public Safety will investigate all legitimate reports. Call the hotline toll free at 1-800-868-MARI (6274). Rewards are possible for information that leads to the seizure of marijuana.

View the DME program brochure (PDF)