Aviation & Operation Support

The DPS Aircraft Operations Division is composed of 48 pilots, 16 tactical flight officers.  The Division currently runs a fleet of 14 American Eurocopter AS350 helicopters, one American Eurocopter EC145 twin engine helicopter, seven single engine Cessna airplanes and a twin engine Aero Commander airplane.  All of the DPS pilots hold commercial pilot licenses with instrument ratings, and receive recurrent pilot training annually.  All DPS pilots are also certified in night vision goggle (NVG) flight operations.

DPS Aircraft Section pilots are promoted from within the Texas Department of Public Safety.  The Section responds to a large spectrum of law enforcement support requests including pursuits, manhunts, search and rescue, disaster relief, surveillance, aerial photography, criminal transport, domestic marijuana eradication, and border security operations.  The Section supports not only DPS personnel, but also requests for assistance from any law enforcement agency within the State of Texas.

The DPS Aircraft Section is a progressive and dynamic organization, using the latest aviation technology, equipment, and training to advance the law enforcement mission and maintain the highest level of flight safety.